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Portland Polo Parts


The Portland Polo Parts Mallet Head:
The Best Head You'll Get in Portland


About 78 grams, undrilled.
Milled from solid UHMWPE in Electric Salmon.
One end is open, one end is a left as a solid cap.
2.5” outer diameter, 5” long.
Interior ribbing at both ends and in the middle for strength.
The middle rib is 1/8" wide for your bottom-mounting pleasure.

Fifth place finish in the World by Portland United.
If your spirit animal is Thor riding the Incredible Hulk, you will break this mallet.
If you smash the mallet into the ball instead of into the ground, the mallet will last for months.

Ownership of the mallets has been passed on to the club, so if you are in Portland, pickup and cash is an option, just ask your local polo player or find us on the Friendfaces.
Designed with love by Sasha, tested by Portland Bike Polo, machined in Portland, and made from plastic from god knows where.

mallet cross section